About Us

We want to make a meaningful impact on society by helping with digitalization, especially in areas where it has traditionally been challenging. We are committed to provide innovative solutions that facilitate access to technology and create opportunities.


We are the enabler of societal progress through digitalization. We strive to provide cutting-edge services that break down barriers and create opportunities, even in challenging environments. Embracing the potential of lean thinking and recent technologies, we seek to empower businesses and society, making digital transformation achievable.


We are determined to provide innovative solutions that break barriers and create opportunities, even in challenging contexts. By focusing on high-performance microservices and user-centric development, we aspire to empower businesses and individuals, making digital transformation impactful in areas where it truly matters. Our ultimate goal is to foster a digital society, driving positive change.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of driving positive change in health and society by facilitating digitalization in areas that face unique challenges. We aim to empower individuals, organizations, and communities by offering solutions that optimize their digital potential, fostering growth and progress. We envision a future where everyone can benefit from the advantages of the digital age.


Experience the future of your business with our services, including high-performance Swift/SwiftUI apps, Docker-based cloud microservices, Robotic Process Automation, AI/Data Analytics pipelines, seamless tech integration, and efficient REST API design. Unlock growth, optimize operations, and make data-driven decisions with our innovative solutions.

Cloud Microservices

Experience unmatched scalability and reliability with our Docker-based cloud microservices. Leverage the power of cloud infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and rapid deployment for your business needs.

Smart Automation

Embrace the future of work with Robotic Process Automation. Free your workforce from mundane tasks, optimize processes, and elevate productivity by integrating intelligent automation solutions.

App Acceleration & Lean Design

Accelerate your business growth with high-performance Swift/SwiftUI apps and backend development. Emphasizing lean design principles, we create intuitive applications that optimize user experiences and streamline operations.


Build efficient and scalable REST APIs tailored to your specific business needs. Our expert API design ensures seamless integration with various applications and systems, empowering your business for enhanced collaboration and data exchange.

Tech Integration

Transform your business with our holistic tech solutions. Seamless integration of different technologies to accelerate digital transformation.

Data Analytics

Harness the power of AI/Data Analytics pipelines developed with Python to extract valuable insights from your data. Make informed decisions, identify trends, and uncover hidden opportunities to drive your business forward with data-driven precision.


Meet the creative founders who transform your visions into impactful software solutions, driving your business towards digital excellence.

Dr. Patrick-Benjamin Bök

Chief Technology Officer/Co-CEO

Tom Eichhorn

Chief Operations Officer/Co-CEO